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Welcome to the official site of Eaton Athletics, home of the Fighting Eagles!!!  We feel it is important to assist our student-athletes in developing skills that they can use in the future as they enter society.  Among those characteristics are leadership, an attitude of winning, teamwork, self-discipline and competitiveness. We expect our student-athletes to conduct themselves in a mature manner in order to develop a sense of pride when wearing the PURPLE and GOLD.  We encourage our student-athletes to understand that athletics is more than just a game, that it is also a great life teaching tool. Athletics can help our student-athletes develop morals, values and ethics that will be used to develop life-long character traits.
The Athletic Department wants the supporters of the Eaton Eagles to understand that measuring the overall success of our athletic programs by wins and losses is not always a true judge of the programs’ success.  We believe that most successful athletic programs are based upon the teaching of respect, sportsmanship, character and loyalty to student-athletes and having them execute those strategies in games, win or lose.  Our objectives are always to PLAY HARD, RESPECT THE OPPONENT & HAVE FUN.  Winning and losing does not make us who we are, but knowing how to win and lose with dignity is important.  To quote Morgan Wooden, an all-time great high school basketball coach, “Success is a peace of mind which comes as a direct result of knowing that you did the best you could to be the best you are capable of becoming.”
The backbones of the athletic department  are the parents and our parent organizations.  We encourage all parents to be involved and supportive of the academic and athletic pursuits of their children. We are fortunate to live in a community that is supportive of our schools and understands the value of athletics. If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact the athletic department anytime.
 It’s great to be part of the Eaton Fighting Eagles Family!!!   For schedules, tickets, athletics final forms, and all things sports related: go to