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School Supply List

Middle School 6-8

814 Camden Road


Student Fees

6th Grade - $117.00

7th Grade - $102.00

8th Grade - $106.00

8th Grade - Additional Fees

Art Class - $ 6.00


Open House

Monday, August 21st

6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.


 Breakfast/Lunch Prices
Breakfast - $2.25

Lunch - $3.60


2023-2024 School Supply List 


6th Grade Supply List

Pencils                                                                                              3- 1 ½” (3-Ring) binders (Math, LA, & Science)

3 Composition notebooks (LA, Science, Math)             3 Sets of tabs/dividers for binders (Math, LA, & Science)

Glue sticks                                                                                       Post-It Notes

Notebooks or Loose-leaf paper                                            Highlighters

Colored pencils                                                                            Headphones/earbuds (Science/Math)

Folders (Math & Science)                                                       1 Box of tissues


*List subject to change based on teacher/need

  7th Grade Supply List

Pencils #2                                                          Loose Leaf Paper or college ruled notebook

Pens                                                                      2 – 1” Binders & Loose-Leaf College Ruled Paper  (Social Studies,  and Science)                                             

1 college ruled notebook (1 ELA)            1 Box of tissues (for 2nd period teacher on 1st day of school)               

Headphones/Earbuds                                2 Composition Notebooks (Math, Science)              

 5 pocket folders (Science, Math, Social Studies, ELA, & Homework Folders)            

 Highlighters                                                    2 Glue Sticks (Math, Science)                           

 *Occasionally the following supplies will be needed to finish in-class projects:  Colored pencils/crayons/markers, ruler, scissors


 8th Grade Supply List

 Glue sticks, Colored pencils, and/or                        3- 1-2” binder (Science, US History, Math)

  Markers (US History)                                                      Composition Notebook (Mr. Wright, Science)                       

Post It Notes (ELA)                                                              Algebra I - TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator (or equivalent)

 Headphones/earbuds                                                    Math 8: T1-30XS Multi-View Scientific Calculator (or equivalent      

1 box of tissues (for 1st period teacher)                   Students purchased these in 6th grade)

 Graph Paper (Math)

  *All classes require paper, pencils, pens and highlighters